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Discover Shapes

Discover Shapes is a great way for kids to have fun learning whilst burning off a bit of energy!

  1. Lay out a selection (or all) of the shape cards. You can use either side for the 2D shapes (but consistentcy works best. e.g all white or all black). Stick a small piece of blu-tac in the center.

  2. Stick them to a wall. You can either position them uniform, in a horizontal line or grid, or place them randomly

  3. Give your child/children some time to look at the shapes to give an opportunity to improve recall. Explain that the aim of the game is to find the shape as soon as they are told.

  4. When ready, shout out the shape. Wait until your child/children have pressed the shape before moving on to the next shape.

  5. However well your child/children do, ensure to give them encouragement on how well they've done.
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