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Fun educational games for nursery school children

8th March, 2024

Starting your child’s educational journey can be a fun adventure, especially when it’s beautifully masked with the excitement of fun,  … Continue reading

Flipping Fantastic: A Delightful Dive into the Joy of Pancake Day

29th January, 2024

Pancake Day, also known as Shrove Tuesday, is a celebration that marks the last day before Lent begins; a 40  … Continue reading

Will you be Happy Little Doers’ Brand Ambassador in 2024?

28th December, 2023

We are looking for brand reps to join Happy Little Doers in 2024, sharing our multi-award winning screen-free activity products  … Continue reading

How to stimulate a babyโ€™s brain development

11th December, 2023

Stimulating a baby’s brain development is crucial during the early years of life. This period marks a crucial stage of  … Continue reading

How to educate a toddler at home

10th December, 2023

Educating toddlers both at home and nursery or school provides the foundation for a well-rounded education. Naturally, children benefit by  … Continue reading

What I love about Happy Little Doers as an EYFS and Primary School Teacher

25th October, 2023

Children are only in school about 190 days of the year – that is just a little over half –  … Continue reading

Importance of teaching numbers to young children

11th July, 2023

What do children learn from numbers Develop the skill of breaking down a number Learning Numbers is a crucial part  … Continue reading

How to practise phonics with a small group using flashcards

10th May, 2023

There are four ways that children have a preference of learning – Visual, Audible, Tactile and Kinaesthetic learning. So by  … Continue reading

Using black and white images and pictures for babies development

4th February, 2023

Why are black and white cards recommended for early years development? Black and white are often used for baby toys  … Continue reading

An interview with Arlo & Jacob

24th October, 2022

With the advent of half-term, Happy Little Doers and Arlo & Jacob have teamed up for the first time to  … Continue reading

Why are black and white flashcards for babies so good

22nd September, 2022

So, why are black and white flashcards for babies so good? When your baby is born its sense of sight  … Continue reading

How to develop strong self-esteem & independence in our children

6th September, 2022

What can we do to work on strengthening our kids self-esteem at school and for their future? Here is a  … Continue reading

Multi-award winning educational toy brand

Happy Little Doers wins in the Junior Design Awards 2021 for Best Educational Toy Happy Little Doers wins in the Junior Design Awards 2022 for Best Toy Design for +6 Years Happy Little Doers wins in the Made for Mums Awards 2022 for Best Puzzle Fully STEM Accredited Toy Brand Happy Little Doers awarded the ToyMark Award by Let Toys Be Toys Happy Little Doers is a finalist in the Progressive Preschool Awards 2023
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