doodlebox™ Activities

Welcome to the world of doodlebox™!

We’re working on a great resources section here, with ideas on activities to try out with your doodlebox™. The doodlebox™ is designed to explore creativity, try out problem-solving or simply practice some new skills and learning!

Whilst we are building behind the scenes, here’s a few activities to try out:

The Box Game*

Tic-tac-toe / Noughts & Crosses

Create a Wordsearch


Shapes Practise

Maths Practise

Writing Practise

* Not heard of The Box Game? This is a great travel game for 2-4 people! Take turns and draw one line between two points (either horizontally or vertically – not diagonally). The game is to try and draw lines, without letting your opponent make a complete square or ‘box’. When a player has made a complete box, they draw their initial or favourite shape inside. The winner is the person who has the most initials or shapes inside complete boxes.

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