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Speedy Numbers

Speedy Numbers is the perfect activity for engaging kids who love testing how fast they can be!

  1. Lay out one set of the numbers cards (1 to 9) with the white number side down and stick a small piece of blu-tac in the center. Do the same for the Zero but make sure the white side is facing up - this will be the finish button!

  2. Take the numbers 1 to 9 and stick them randomly in a 3 x 3 grid on a wall. Once your grid is set, stick your Zero card outside of the grid but in reach.

  3. Ask your child to 'Get ready...' standing in front of the wall. Give them 30 seconds to look at all of the numbers so they can focus on where they are. Explain that the aim of the game is to tap the numbers in order as quick as possible.

  4. When you're ready, shout out the starting number (you can either go up or down from 1 to 9, or 9 to 1). Wait until your child has pushed the number before shouting out the next one and so on.

  5. When you get to the end number (1 or 9), shout 'BUZZER' to finish. Whatever the outcome, give encouragement on how well they've done. Maybe ask your child if they want to try and beat the speed that they did before - repetition is key for learning!
Want to try something different?...

If you have the Numbers Extension pack too, try skip-counting between 0 and 20. Maybe you are practising phonics or shapes?? Try the activity with a selection of Phonics Flashcards or our Shapes Flashcards instead!

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  1. ODOllie 12th July 2022

    We loved this activity!

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