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Wheely Fun Learning Numbers

Make your own 'Wheel of Fortune' to play a number of different games with our Numbers Flashcards

  1. Lay out one set of the numbers cards (0 to 9) with the white number side down and stick a small piece of blu-tac in the centre.

  2. Take the numbers and stick them down at an equal distance from each other so they surround the edge of the Lazy Susan/turntable.

  3. Using the coloured card, cut out a triangle. If you have multiple people playing, you can cut out a triangle for each person with different colours. When you have the triangle stick it to a fixed area in front of the child (or if there is a fixed top above the lazy susan, stick it so it is pointing towards each player.

  4. Each player gets to spin the Lazy Susan one at a time. When it stops spinning, see if each player can identify their number (take it in turns, shout it out... however you want to play!)
Want to try something different?...

This is a game you can play in many different ways! Add the numbers, and create more advanced calculations, find the higher number, odds and evens… Why not try another pack? You can use any of the Happy Little Doers Flashcard range to create new activities.

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