Suitable for ages +3

  • Learn Numbers Flashcards
  • Play-doh (or similar such as blu-tac)
  • Straws
  • Beads or rings (ensure that these can fit over the top of the straws)

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Number Stacks

A simple introduction to learning numbers. Using simple cupboard essentials, practise counting by stacking!

  1. Lay out the Number cards you want to practise with. Keep it suitable for your child's level of learning.

  2. Split the play-doh into equal parts and push each one down next to a card.

  3. Take an equal number of straws and push them into the play-doh so they are standing upright

  4. Ask your child to see if they can identify the number shown and place the corresponding number of beads over the top of each straw
Want to try something different?...

If you don’t have straws, try using toothpicks. This activity can be used for different abilities such as odd or even numbers, skip counting or even calculations.

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