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Gel Bag Writing

A great activity for mark-making and practising writing in a clean fun way with texture!

  1. Add hand or hair gel to a zip-lock bag. The gel can either be coloured or clear.

  2. Add paint to the zip-lock bag. This can be any colour you like of course and is optional if you are using a coloured gel (but always great to see how the colours mix!).

  3. Seal the bag (very important!) and squeeze the paint and the gel together to mix.

  4. Place the card(s) under the zip-lock bag and trace over the top.
Want to try something different?...

Try using different colour paints with the gel – you may find your child is more drawn to specific colours when learning and enjoying seeing the contrast and colour changes against the cards. Maybe you are practising Numbers or Shapes? Try the activity with a selection of Numbers Flashcards or our Shapes Flashcards instead!

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