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What award did the Times Tables Flashcards pack receive?

10th October, 2022

We won first award for the Times Tables Flashcards in the Junior Design Awards 2021 for ‘Best Educational Toy’. Our  … Continue reading

What is in the Times Tables Flashcards pack?

10th October, 2022

Our Times Tables Activity Flashcards feature 3 different ways of learning the times tables; skip-counting (i.e. 2, 4, 6, 8…),  … Continue reading

Are flashcards effective for learning language?

7th October, 2022

The answer to this is yes, however… remember that every child, or grown-up for that matter, learns in their own  … Continue reading

Ways of using phonics flashcards

7th October, 2022

When teaching with phonics flashcards, it is incredibly important for parents to follow the guidance given by the individual product  … Continue reading

What are the best phonics flashcards for children?

7th October, 2022

At Happy Little Doers, we’ve spent a great deal of time researching different ways of learning phonics in resources already  … Continue reading

How to use sensory flashcards for babies?

5th October, 2022

From 0-4 months of age hold sensory flashcards 20-30cm from the baby’s face. This helps them to focus on an  … Continue reading

Is it important to use black and white flashcards for babies?

5th October, 2022

At birth, a baby’s eye has all the potential to see but the brain cannot process the visual information fully  … Continue reading

Can I use flashcards for babies?

24th August, 2022

Yes! Each of our products is submitted for UKCA approval. What this means is that the products are tested to  … Continue reading

Are Happy Little Doers products safe for kids to use?

14th April, 2022

Yes, absolutely! All of our products are UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) tested. This is a legal requirement for all toys  … Continue reading

How effective are flashcards for learning?

23rd February, 2022

Flashcards are a fantastic way of learning individual topics as their purpose is to encourage active recall. Practising active recall  … Continue reading

Is black and white good for learning?

22nd February, 2022

Research shows that bold black-and-white pictograms stimulate the development of the optic nerves and encourage cognitive development without over-stimulation. This  … Continue reading

What do Happy Little Doers design?

22nd February, 2022

We design educational activity resources for children’s development; including boosting confidence & happiness, building on language, speech and communication, improving  … Continue reading

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Happy Little Doers wins in the Junior Design Awards 2021 for Best Educational Toy Happy Little Doers wins in the Junior Design Awards 2022 for Best Toy Design for +6 Years Happy Little Doers wins in the Made for Mums Awards 2022 for Best Puzzle Fully STEM Accredited Toy Brand Happy Little Doers awarded the ToyMark Award by Let Toys Be Toys
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