Top tips when learning the Times Tables

Written on 11th September, 2021

Firstly, let’s just remember that all kids learn at different rates. Some will also absolutely love numbers and some not so much.  So that’s where we come in.  Learning should always be fun and exciting.

1 | Stick to one Times Table at a time.  The two is the easiest and the best to start with

The two Times Table provides a great foundation.  Your child will soon realise that multiplying by two is the same as doubling.

Times Tables Flashcards by Happy Little Doers

2 | Use small food to up the interest when practising grouping and arrays
Use alongside our Number cards and place them over the dots. This is a simple but effective way to encourage your child to think about addition, subtraction, but in this case multiplication work they are doing. Plus they get the benefit of having an immediate tasty treat at the end!

3 | Songs, rhymes, raps and stories are all useful tools

Start by saying the Times Tables out loud (silly voices always make it more fun) and then try chanting or making up a fun tune/rap out of them.  Then use our Times Table card with the ? to see how well they do.  Remember to always praise effort.

Times Table Flashcards

4 | Practical activities 
It’s important that children regularly write out the times tables, in addition to saying them out loud. As well as writing them out, stick our cards around your home.  On the bedroom wall, inside their wardrobe, on the fridge as a helpful reminder or why not look at our wooden holders?

Times Table Flashcards

5 | Speed Time Tables game
Given that the ultimate goal when learning Times Tables is instant recall, beat-the-clock games can be a great way of improving children’s speed and fluency. Start by using a timer and see if they can recall the answers using the ? on the backs of the cards. Just remember, this is time to have fun.  Praise and encouragement will boost confidence.

Times Tables Flashcards £13.50 Pick up a pack of our Times Table 1-12 cards which will make learning a breeze with our brightly coloured and engaging flashcards. We are so excited to have been shortlisted for the Junior Design Awards 2021 – Best Educational Toy/Game!

Times Table Flashcards

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