Head of Early Years Teacher Approved! Here’s what Laura, Mum, Teacher and Head of Early Years Teacher said about our Flashcards…

Written on 16th June, 2022

Happy Little Doers constantly puts their flashcards in front of pre-schools, schools and teachers.ย  Laura Kay has over 12 years of teaching experience.ย  Here is what Laura, Mum, Teacher and previous Head of Early Years Teacher said about our cards.

“What I absolutely love about the Happy Little Doers resources are that they are not only educational and easy to use from a teaching perspective, but they are engaging and exciting for children – which is so important. The resources are such high quality and although initially intended for my 3-year-old son, my 6-year-old daughter loved them too. She was so keen to use them, they both sat for a long time looking through them and playing, with my eldest teaching my son. What I love is that they both like coming back to them. Whenever I’ve asked my son to have a look at them with me, he is always excited to do so. The high-quality images and materials have caught the eyes of friends when they come to play. My son loves having these in his bedroom and when I sit with my eldest to do her homework, he proudly brings them to me, asking if he can join in!

I wish these I had these resources available to me when I was Head of Early Years. It would have saved me considerable time creating materials to put in the tuff trays and would have been exciting for the children to play with during guided sessions.

Great resources! A very happy mum and teacher here!”

Laura works for Role Models as Character Education Team Manager.ย  Role Models is an impact-driven education provider. Role Models focus on life skills that promote social and emotional wellbeing and dynamic thinking, helping young people to thrive in life; both at home and in their future workplace.

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