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Ocean Flashcards & Games - Learning about marine life.

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The ultimate gift for every ocean explorer learning about marine life! Featuring two of our most popular games, Ocean Memory + Snap Game and Ocean Logic, along with our Ocean activity fact flashcards.

The Ultimate Ocean Bundle provides some incredible benefits for children’s brain development (as well as adults!); including building confidence, creativity, focus, speech & vocabulary development and of course memory! Like all flashcards from Happy Little Doers, the Ocean Flashcards includes an activity card that is carefully designed to help create hours of fun for children whilst learning. All packs are portable and are ideal for use at home or whilst travelling.

Each ocean pack contains the some of the most incredible marine life, including:

Clownfish, Bluefin Tuna, Box Jellyfish, Colossal Squid, Humpback Whale, Sailfish, Great White Shark, Seahorse, Anglerfish, Pufferfish, Whale Shark, Great Hammerhead Shark, Manta Ray, Hawksbill Sea Turtle, Sea Snake, Sun Coral, Blue-ringed Octopus, Goblin Shark

Ocean Flashcards

Fun and brightly coloured Ocean Flashcards for the little ocean explorer.  Water covers over 70% of Earth’s surface and is filled with some of the world’s most fascinating creatures. Learn about marine animals! Discover a fish that can swim faster than a car and meet some of the most poisonous creatures in the world. Explore life in coral reefs and the open ocean.

Oceans Memory Matching + Snap Game

Dive deep into the Ocean Memory Game and train your brain with this portable pack of 44 jumbo playing cards showing incredible Ocean life!  Play snap and the classic memory game but, let me warn you . . . these aren’t just for kids but grown-ups too! So, how good is your memory compared to your kids? The perfect family game at home or whilst travelling.

Oceans Logic Game

Challenge your brain with our Ocean Logic puzzle game.  Connect the 9 cards to form the square. Sounds easy… but is it?

When it comes to staying entertained on road trips, planes, and trains, this is the perfect portable travel game for kids that parents will love just as much!

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Our cards are packaged in a letterbox friendly box.

The cards are printed on FSC durable paper stock, with a matt laminated finish so they can be wiped clean. The rounded edges making them safe and perfect for little hands. The ink used is 100% eco-friendly and entirely plant-based, manufactured from renewable sources.

The flashcard box is 125mm wide x 165mm length x 22mm depth.

Each card is A6 105mm x 148mm.

Approx total weight 193g.

Caution: We recommend that children 3 years and under should be supervised when using our flashcards. Cards and packaging should not be chewed or sucked on, doing so may result in small parts causing a choking hazard.

3+ years

We dispatch all orders the same or next working day. There is a delivery option for first or second class using Royal Mail. Royal Mail aims to deliver Second Class delivery in two to three working days including Saturdays. Royal Mail aims to deliver First Class the next working day including Saturdays.

Benefits of our The Ultimate Oceans Bundle

  • Fine Motor Skills

    Improves coordination in small muscle movements in the hands, wrists, and fingers.

  • Memory Recall

    Training the brain to learn to store and retrieve information.

  • Confidence & Happiness

    Boost confidence & happiness in successful learning through play.

  • Problem Solving

    Encourages understanding and trains the brain on logical thinking.

  • Literacy Skills

    Develops an understanding of letter, sound and reading skills.

  • Speech & Language

    Helps to build on new vocabulary and confidence in speech & language.

STEM authenticated products by Happy Little Doers
STEM Approved Educational Product

The Ultimate Oceans Bundle.

What that means, is this product:

  • Can be integrated seamlessly into STEM-friendly home learning and programs. Great for home learning!
  • Aligns to Science, Technology, Engineering, and/or Math standard
  • Supports the development of 21st Century Skills
  • Engages through hands-on learning and collaboration
  • Has been fully tested and authenticated by, the global leader and exclusive third-party validator of STEM toys, games and learning resources.

Flashcards & Games for Kids

Dive deep into the world of oceans!

  • Hand-illustrated drawings designed by Happy Little Doers.
  • Child-friendly font for ease of legibility.
  • The rounded edges make them safe and perfect for little hands.
  • 100% plastic-free card games, using FSC paper stock, and both drinkable and vegetable-based inks.
  • Supporting the World Land Trust, creating a carbon positive product range.
  • Their modern style and lasting finish mean they last and can be passed down.
  • Each pack is supplied in a sturdy recycled keepsake box.
Dive deep into the world of oceans!
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