Phonics + Times Tables Flashcards


This Phonics and Times Tables Flashcard duo pack will help support your child to become a confident learner in letter sounds and mathematics.  The cards will help to increase interaction with children, develop communication skills and encourage learning their times tables through play.

We believe that early experiences have long-lasting outcomes in terms of educational achievement and life chances.

We have created this Phonics and Times Table bundle to help your child learn through play with longevity in mind.  You will receive two sets of cards, Phonics & Times Tables.


The Phonics pack consists of 37 double-sided cards with simplistic and engaging illustrations of animals doing sports and activities. Each animal has a name to help identify and make the phonic sound more relatable, you will meet Ollie the octopus, Lara the lion, Gary the goat amongst many other new friends.  As well as your child learning letter sounds, they will be empowered with lots of new activities and sports that they can achieve. Teach them that the world is their oyster and anyone can do anything if they really put their mind to it.

With our simple to follow instruction cards, you will find everything you need to follow your exciting phonics journey.  We will teach you how to use our cards, sound blending, pronunciation, phonics terminology and even phonic games – we’ve got you covered.  Each learning group has been cleverly segmented into their own letter groups by colour, so you can concentrate on one group at a time.  From there you can start to introduce sound blending where we will start you off by giving you examples of simple words.

So, what’s included in each phonics pack?

  • Introduction, instruction, terminology and game cards
  • 1 Sound Group Card
  • 1 Pronunciation Card
  • 1 Double sided Sound Blending Card
  • 25 Phonic Cards – Single letter one side with animal friends doing sports and activities on the reverse
  • 7 Digraph Phonic Cards – Double letter one side with animal friends doing sports and activities on the reverse

Which letters are included in this pack? Letters a-z (not the letter ‘q’ as ‘qu’ is used in phonics) as well ck, th, sh, ch, ng and nk.

Times Tables

In the pack are 26 double-sided brightly-coloured flashcards, making it easy to recognize and remember each times table.  The skip counting set helps to count objects quicker through multiples (e.g 2, 4, 6, 8…), all designed within the outlines of the number.  It helps to identify patterns in numbers, as well as a great foundation for number sense and learning the multiplication facts.

Children start to begin to skip count when they are in Year 1 (5-6 years), firstly in twos’, then fives and tens.  We have a handy card that highlights all of this in more depth.  From this, they will build their knowledge of times tables in Year 2 (6 – 7 years).

When your child becomes really confident, why not try skip counting backwards.

We hope your child enjoys learning their times tables with our cards and remember, each child is wonderfully different, and they will learn at different rates.

  • The cards have been simply designed.
  • Child-friendly font for ease of legibility.
  • Each pack comes with fun ways to play and helping to learn in a fun and engaging way.
  • The rounded edges making them safe and perfect for little hands.
  • Each card has a matt laminated finish so they can be wiped clean and used over and over.
  • Their modern style and lasting finish mean they can be used right through primary school.
  • Each pack is supplied in a sturdy recycled keepsake box.

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