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You can now build your very own happy pack!  Simply pick the packs and accessories you wish and why not add The Happy Newspaper for yourself all at a super discounted rate!  Click the + below for more details on each pack

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Phonics Flashcards

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Numbers Flashcards

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Numbers Extension

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Shapes Flashcards

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Times Tables Flashcards

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The Happy Newspaper - NEW Issue 21

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Wooden Flashcard Holder

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24 double-sided card. Children are born ready, able and eager to learn. That’s why these ‘Learn by Doing’ number flashcards have been designed to ensure your little one can reach their full potential.  Count all the way to 110, do simple sums and learn to associate the numbers with the words and numbers with the dots.

In each pack are 24 double-sided Montessori style learning cards.  Two sets of numbers from 0-9, to place cards next to each other and count to over a hundred! On the reverse (of one set) are the corresponding number of dots and, on the other set are the respective words (‘one’, ‘two’ etc) for spelling and association.  The pack also contains a plus, minus, times, divide, and equals symbol, providing longevity of learning by helping to create simple sums.  Included is a single card with all numbers from 1 up to 110!  The simplicity of the dots act as a visual aid and, one of the suggested games includes placing favourite items over each dot to help them count.  As the saying goes, ‘Smarties have the answer’ and using treats as a counting aid by placing them over the dots is a great incentive!

Age 2+

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