Suitable for ages +3

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Mimic Phonics

A simple way of teaching phonics by encouraging your child to mimic the sound that they see and hear. Illustrated by teacher Mary at @yay_for_play

  1. Using the Happy Little Doers Phonics Flashcards 'Sound Group' card, identify which phoneme (or sound) group you want to focus on. If you are starting out, these will be the blue cards 'S-A-T-P-I-N'

  2. Sit opposite your child, hold up the letter side of one of the cards and sound out the phoneme shown on the front of the card. REMEMBER: If you are unsure how the sound is pronounced, refer to our 'Pronunciation Card'

  3. Once your child has repeated the sound, try the next card!
Want to try something different?...

Try pointing at your chin as you pronounce the sound. This simple direction shows the mouth movement to produce the sound and your child will try and mimic your expressions as well.

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