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Jelly Bean Letter Recognition

A great way to encourage letter recognition using jelly beans with our Read & Write Flashcards Bundle. Great for encouraging repetition!

  1. Place the phonic card you are practising on a flat surface. If you are practising simple words, lay the cards out horizontally. You can use either the picture side of the Phonics Flashcards or the letter side.

  2. Place the corresponding letters from the Writing Flashcards pack beneath their respective phonics letter cards.

  3. Ask your child to place the jelly beans over the dotted lines of each of the writing cards. As each one is completed, you can choose to reward with a jelly bean for both of you!
Want to try something different?...

You can try using different sweets or materials. This is a great activity to encourage kids as it gives an opportunity to reward but equally challenge with new textures and feels.

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