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Why are black and white flashcards for babies so good

22nd September, 2022

So, why are black and white flashcards for babies so good? Well, we are born into a beautiful world of  … Continue reading

How to develop strong self-esteem & independence in our children

6th September, 2022

What can we do to work on strengthening our kids self-esteem at school and for their future? Here is a  … Continue reading

What will my child do in Reception? 

30th August, 2022

Starting reception is full of new challenges, experiences and growth for a Reception child. It is a year when your  … Continue reading

Head of Early Years Teacher Approved! Here’s what Laura, Mum, Teacher and Head of Early Years Teacher said about our Flashcards…

16th June, 2022

Happy Little Doers constantly puts their flashcards in front of pre-schools, schools and teachers.  Laura Kay has over 12 years  … Continue reading

How to use phonics flashcards

10th June, 2022

Learning phonics is the process of starting to read and understand letter sounds. It can also be a tricky topic  … Continue reading

Best educational games for children

10th May, 2022

Games are a fantastic way to build on key skills for a child’s development. To celebrate the launch of our  … Continue reading

Mental Health Awareness Week

9th May, 2022

Mental health awareness week is an annual event hosted by the Mental Health Foundation and encourages us to focus on  … Continue reading

How to use flashcards for toddlers

4th April, 2022

Flashcards are a fantastic tool for learning, when used in the right way, in particular when it comes to toddlers.  … Continue reading

World Maths Day – 23rd March 2022

21st March, 2022

All you need to know about World Maths Day #WorldMathsDay on Wednesday 23rd March 2022. World Maths Day is one  … Continue reading

How do you use flashcards for kids?

16th March, 2022

Flashcards have been used as a learning aid since the mid-19th century. Whilst they have been traditionally used in training  … Continue reading

How to encourage reading at home

2nd March, 2022

“There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all” – Jacqueline  … Continue reading

How to help your child have fun and enjoy school

16th February, 2022

We believe a successful experience in school is about building relationships, learning new and interesting topics, thinking independently and building  … Continue reading

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